Types of laptops

Help buying a laptop

Guide to buying different types of laptops

 The main thing you need to know before buying a laptop.

Laptops are compact enough to carry, but at the same time they are versatile to run hardware applications.
This is the best tool for doing serious work or playing whether at home, on the road or in the university classroom.

Most people prefer to use a tablet or mobile phone, but if they want to use games with high graphics or do the typing work, a laptop is the best option.

And because there is so much variety in the laptop market, choosing a laptop is very difficult.

Laptop Buying Guide

Important tips for buying a laptop

  • If you travel a lot, laptops that have a large screen are not suitable for you, and it is better to buy laptops that have a cocktail screen, such as 12.5-inch to 14-inch laptops, because these laptops are very easy to transport.
  • Battery life If you want to always have your laptop with you, the minimum time it takes to keep the laptop battery charged is 8 hours.

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  • Look for the minimum specifications that are currently the most suitable laptop brand that has a CPU
    Core i5  Have the minimum RAM required to be able to program or play 8 GB of RAM and laptop hard drive type
     SSD  Storage Compared to older models, it has higher speed and more space for storing games, movies, etc.
  • If you want to use your laptop as a tablet, it is the best type of laptop because it takes up less space and weighs less. Otherwise a standard notebook may be the best choice
    Chromebook It can be a good choice

Select the desired operating system for your laptop

operating system
Chrome یا Mac  They have more flexibility than Windows operating system such as touch screens, fingerprint encryption, dual graphics chips, etc.

Windows 10

Currently, Windows 10 is the best operating system of Microsoft, which has more features than Windows 7 and 8, which you can use more features of this Windows if you want to use the touch screen and so on.

Which allows you to use different modes such as tablet or desktop

Ever since Windows 10 was introduced by Microsoft, it has always tried to upgrade the features of this version of Windows to the needs of the day, such as the use of pens, etc. Windows 10 laptops are very suitable for students, researchers and gamers.

The difference between Apple OS and Windows

Apple’s operating system is a bit similar to Windows 10, meaning that instead of using the menu, it uses a graphical interface at the bottom, which allows you to communicate with different parts of the operating system.

operating system
cherom book

This operating system is a cheap operating system. The user interface of this operating system is very similar to Windows. This operating system has the ability to drag windows around, but the disadvantage of this operating system is that the web applications we use are offline. They do not work.

It can be said that this operating system is a combination of Windows and Mac operating systems.

If you are looking to use a laptop to use social networks, and chat with others, an operating system will be right for you.

The minimum configuration you need for such laptops is 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space.

Grouping laptops

Types of laptops

Over time, laptops have undergone many changes in terms of appearance. At first, they were traditional. With the advancement of technology, 360-degree rotating screens were created, and then folding screens, such as separate tablets and keyboards, each of which had its advantages and disadvantages.

Laptop screens

  • 11 to 13 inch laptops weigh between 50 grams and 100 grams
  • 13 to 15 inch laptops weigh approximately 150 grams to 250 grams
  • 17- to 18-inch laptops weigh from 250 grams to 450 grams, but various brands have tried to reduce the weight of such laptops.

لLaptops with large screens are very popular with gamers, unlike programmers and engineers who choose laptops for portability, the lower the weight of these laptops, the better for them as a result of the program. Writers are looking for 13 to 15 inch laptops.

Check the keyboard and touchpad

 If you plan to do a lot of work on your computer, make sure the keyboard has solid touch feedback.

When you press the keyboard, 1 to 2 mm should have room to play. The buttons should be smooth. The distance between the buttons should be appropriate.

Look for a precise touch screen that does not create a jump cursor for you and constantly responds to multi-touch gestures such as zooming in and out of the screen.

For example, consider the two buttons H and G, and consider the distance between the two buttons with two fingers that are spaced apart so that your fingers are neither too wide nor too close together to bother you while tweeting.

CPU power of all types of laptops

First consider what you want to do with the laptop, you want to install engineering software on it, play games or use office software or anything else, for example office software to cpu Do not need strong

Or graphics software does not require very strong CPUs, but rendering or 3D design software must have strong CPUs to be able to render a page or project. First, determine what you want.

Different generations of CPUs have different prices

Powerful CPUs like the Core i9 are expensive, but consider that you do not need this CPU power to use Office.

hard disk

Pay attention to the specifications of the hard disk. SSD hard drives are very suitable. They have high speed and good space. Be careful. Choose ssd hard drives.


The more pixels you have, the more content you can put on the screen and the sharper it will be

Output ports

But achieving the required connections in the system is very useful, not that you have to carry a lot of dongles.

HDMI and USB 3 outputs These outputs are very fast. With HDMI output, you can connect your laptop to an LED TV and enjoy watching movies. The data transfer speed of the USB 3 output is much higher than its previous generation, USB 2. Is

Laptop batteries

The advantage of a laptop over a PC is that it is a portable laptop, so try to choose a laptop that has a high battery capacity, because if you choose a laptop that has a weak battery, it will only cost extra to buy a laptop. ام

Pay attention to your bud

Try not to rush to buy a laptop, for example, say that I can buy this laptop at this cost, and buy it in a hurry, maybe you can get a better laptop by spending more.

The best way to find out which laptop is right for you is to browse the web and read the comments of those who bought the laptop and wrote down the strengths and weaknesses of the laptop because you will see a very large source of comments.

Consider the brand

There are different brands in the market. A brand like DELL is a brand that is cheaper than other winners in its category, but one of the experiences mentioned by the buyers of this brand is the breakdown of various parts. The MSI brand is a brand that works hard on the laptop Has been

But its spare parts have a very high price. VAIO brand is a very good brand, but it has a high price. Currently, the ASUSE brand is a brand that has both a reasonable price and a good quality. .

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