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Tips for buying suitable industrial tools

You do not need to go to the beginning and buy a toolbox with all the tools available in the market with all the features, and in fact it is better to gradually and according to your needs tools
Buy the necessary.

In this way, in each purchase and each tool, you will have more time to research and buy with thought and confidence, and finally, you will have a set of tools consisting of the best options.

Industrial power tools

The most famous tool brands in the world

Here we are going to introduce the world’s leading brands in the field
Tools Introduce you.

These companies have been able to build quality products, warranty, extensive after-sales service and successful branding, from
The best tools
 To be. The following are some of these brands:

Bush: Is a German company known as the largest supplier
 Automatic tools
 In the world. In Iran, Bosch products are known for their home appliances and tools, but in fact, this company is a manufacturer of automatic tools, industrial tools, construction tools, consulting in urban development, and که all of which are managed as holdings.



Metabo: From the most famous and reputable production companies
Power tools
 It is considered in the world that it has entered the Iranian market for about 40 years and has 25 regional management branches in countries such as Australia, USA and China, which are managed by Metabo managers.

is. It should be noted that the main factory of this company is in Nortingen, Germany.


Is a German brand. This company is one of the most experienced companies
Production of tools
 In the world and a pioneer in the production of tools known for design innovation. One of the features that has highlighted this company is the change of traditional production methods and
Tool design
Using technology and art.


The company is headquartered in Anjou, Japan and has factories in Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States and is one of the best-selling tool companies.


Is an American brand and a subsidiary of Black & Decker parent company. This is an international and well-known brand
 Woodworking tools
And handicrafts and industrial for construction work and facilities and carpentry workshops

. The company has established 7 factories in different cities of the United States that produce and supply quality products.

Laser linera

It is one of the most well-known German brands in the field of production
Precision tools
 is active. The company has independent business units in more than 30 countries and Laser Liner is responsible for managing the supply chain of vendors.

Leading brands of industrial tools in Iran

  • DCA: Due to the wide range of services it provides, it has been able to gain a good position in the Iranian market.
  • TOSAN: Power tools
     In China and
    Industrial hand tools
     The company is produced in Taiwan. These tools have good quality, price and service.
  • ARVA: A company with 30 years of experience in the production and assembly of tools and with 150 agencies in all provinces, has a good position in the Iranian market.
  • Ericsson: The products produced by this company have good quality, reasonable price and extensive after-sales service.
  • Hyundai: The most well-known
    Tool companies that use the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of products
  • Seems. After-sales service with 120 authorized agents in 31 provinces of the country.
  • Ronix
    : It has manufacturers in Germany, China, Taiwan and 11 other countries, and all products are made in accordance with international standards, and strict technical supervision is performed at all stages of production.

The best brands of handicraft tools

  • IranPotk
  • FOX

Cheap brands of power tools

  • EDON
  • Greatec
  • Boss
  • Upsprit
  • PM

بFamous brands of Chinese industrial tools in Iran


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